IS SESSION("user")="UsersUniqueName" UNIQUE ??

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Thread: IS SESSION("user")="UsersUniqueName" UNIQUE ??

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    GREETINGS ALL <BR><BR>Does anyone know if this value is unique.<BR>SESSION("user")="UsersUniqueName" <BR>on my web site, the user will either create or be assigned a unique username. I would like to put the username in the sesssion("user"). I want to then use that session to access various database items.<BR><BR>Is it unique it seems like a crazy question. but i ask because there is so much written on the topic of creating a unique session value for the user. <BR>-----<BR>or perhaps is the case that since this is a TEXT value it&#039s not most efficient to do searches. Therefore indexed unque numeric numbers are more efficient. is that the story.?<BR>STEPHEN

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    When a new visitor arrives they automatically get a session assigned to them. If the script assigns a value to a session valiable (eg session("User")="fred"), then that session variable will retain that value for the life of the session. The session will end if the user closes does not make another request from the site within a predefined time, or if the script explicitly ends the session (ie session.abandon). <BR><BR>It is quite appropriate to use to session to retain the user id as you are speifying. You need to be carefull about putting large blocks of data in session, but numbers and short strings should not overload the server.

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