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    I&#039;m trying to find a tutorial to build a navigation menu that can be filled dynamically - ie have the menu items and sub menu items stored in a database and build the thing dynamically.<BR><BR>A good one is at http://www.polycom.com/home/ but it seems to be a bunch of Javascript - I&#039;m looking for a pure ASP one.<BR><BR>Any ideas anyone?<BR><BR><BR>Cheers<BR>RJ<BR>

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    Default Are you referring to...

    ...their top of page navigation? "Company Info", "Products and Services", etc.?<BR><BR>If so, how can you *tell* where it came from?<BR><BR>You&#039;ll *have* to code it with JS in order to get those nice drop down effects, but the actual things that are shown could come from any place.<BR><BR>THat is, in lines like these:<BR> DQM_subdesc0_1 = "Contact Us"<BR> DQM_url0_1 = "/company_info/0,1392,pw-8,00.html"<BR> DQM_icon_index0_1 = 0<BR><BR> DQM_subdesc0_2 = "Seminars"<BR> DQM_url0_2 = "/company_info/0,1392,pw-1229,00.html"<BR> DQM_icon_index0_2 = 0<BR><BR>(from that site), the names and URLs and all that could easily be dynamically generated from ASP.<BR><BR>*BUT*<BR><BR>But this is likely a bad idea. Now you&#039;re putting a load on the DB just to build a navigation menu that probably isn&#039;t changed more than once every few weeks.<BR><BR>Instead, consider using a #INCLUDE file, so that the navigation is the same on each page and yet can be changed by just changing the one #include&#039;d file.<BR><BR>Or read my message in another thread, below, that talks about "30 Recordsets per page?" and ways to avoid that.<BR><BR><BR>

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