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    Shyam Nagarajan Guest

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    Hi all,<BR>Is there any way that I could print directly from an HTML page. Like i have a print button on the html page and on clicking this button i want to invoke the browser&#039s default print settings. (I dont want the user to click on the browser&#039s Print button.Further i intend to hide the toolbar also.)<BR>How could I do this ? Can this be done using Javascript?<BR><BR>Any kind of solution will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance <BR>Shyam<BR>

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    Mark Guest

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    There is the print() method which is implemented in JavaScript1.2 onwards or there is the scriptX component from Mead and Company ( I believe that both of these solutions only work in version 4+ browsers.<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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    Thanx Mark, We have been exploring the possibilities of using ScriptX but again that solves the problem for IE 4 not for Netscape. Is there anyway that could also be done.<BR><BR>Thankx in Advance.

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