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    Default Rounding off seconds

    I would like to know how round off seconds in the datetime value like <BR>1/12/2002 3:14:05 AM <BR>to<BR>1/12/2002 3:14 AM<BR><BR>Thanks in advance....<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default R & D string functions

    Go to this URL:<BR><BR><BR>Look under functions. I would look at the string related functions LEN, and Mid for starters. When you have some code, come back and someone will probably try to help you.

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    Default Or combine a little math...

    ...with the string functions.<BR><BR>If you subtract the number of seconds from the current time, then the string version of the time will always end in ":00[space]xM" and then a simple REPLACE is dead easy.<BR><BR>Look into the DATEADD and SECOND and REPLACE functions.<BR><BR>

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