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    I have IIS 4.0 installed on an NT Server and FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 installed on this server as well. SQL is installed on another server and I am building an ASP application.<BR><BR>I have lost my web server twice now and each time I struggle unnecessarily with security. I would like to KNOW how to set it up without having to research Microsoft&#039;s knowledge base for each error I come across...and none of the texts I own really covers the issue of getting each server to talk to each other...and to then allow the clients to view the data as well.<BR><BR>Does anyone know a good resource for "ground-up" security help?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Tammi

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    &#062;&#062;Does anyone know a good resource for "ground-up" security help?<BR>&#060;&#060;<BR><BR>Not one general site, no, but I would look at a few things:<BR><BR>1) Run windows update. Open the IE, click tools, then windows Update. Install all of the patches.<BR><BR>2) Get and install the IIS lockdown tool.<BR><BR>3) Get and install the MS Baseline Security Analyzer. It will point out most configuration issues you need to address.<BR><BR>4) get the latest version of MS Data Access Components.<BR><BR>Some good resouces for IIS are at<BR><BR>As far as getting your ASP pages to "talk to" your SQL server box, information about connecting to databases is in the FAQs at You should also read a few of the security related articles on

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