How much traffic/data can access database hold?

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Thread: How much traffic/data can access database hold?

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    Hello, I know for larger websites it&#039s been said to use sql server instead of access but I just don&#039t know how to use the server as it is new.<BR><BR>However, I love access but don&#039t want to hurt any clients who plan on high traffic in the future. What would you recommend as a good &#039changing point&#039 to look out for so I know to transfer from access to our server?<BR><BR>Thank you. <BR><BR>joel

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    Joel, <BR>MS Access is probably not the ideal database server. 20 simultaneous users would be likely to bring it to a crawl, but you need to look at how the traffic will be comming. <BR><BR>Using Access to serve data to web pages is a different kettle of fish than a desktop Access App. The script typically opens a connection, reads the data, closes the connection and returns the web page to the client (browser). The client (human) would then take some time to read the data before responding.<BR><BR>The time taken to retrieve data from the Access Database is a very small part of the cycle (likely milliseconds). Unless you have a huge number of visitors or they all come at the same time, it is even unlikely that more than 2 users will hit the database simultaneously. <BR><BR>Therefore an Access DB should be able to handle a fair bit of traffic. If things got a bit heavy you might need to play around with different cursor types, etc. You should probably unrestricted queries that pull down the entire table<BR><BR>i.e. don&#039t use "select * from table", use "Select field1, field2 from Table where UserId=&#039Something&#039" for example. The where clause should be designed to restrict the number of rows to a minimum.<BR><BR>Also you should try to minimise the amount of time DB is actually connected, by doing any general asp stuff, then get data from datbase and close it, then finish processing page:<BR><BR>general asp start <BR>open connection<BR>open recordset<BR>get data<BR>close recordset<BR>close connection<BR>finish processing<BR><BR>If you do these two basic things (restrict amount of data, restrict access time), I feel that you should be able to handle a pretty good amount of traffic. You will have the advantage that you can download the Access DB to your local hard drive and using linked tables you can have a desktop app to do whatever you want to the data your website has collectd!<BR><BR>However, if you find Access cannot handle the load, all you have to do is have your hosting people setup SQL Server account, then you run the Upsizing Wizard to migrate your data to SQLServer. You would also need to change the connection string in any scripts, so try and set this in global.asa or some other way that would minimise the number of changes required.

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