Hi VB experts!<BR><BR>I have programmed a treeview and would like to update it by an on Click event on a node.<BR><BR>I have already a procedure "" Fill tree", which fills the tree.<BR>The tree has a root named Serie and several branches like category 1 to 3. in all of three categories are books included.<BR>The content of the nodes are shown by the Ado data control element. (in the Record Source is the SQL statement )<BR>"Select * From tbl_Serie" (this sample is also used for categories and books)<BR>that does work!<BR><BR>Now , I have also references concerning my nodes and get the corresponding information of the table tbl_References.<BR><BR>Specially, at the book node, there are references included in the book form itself. (these are shown in textboxes)<BR>The problem appears if I click on another book node because there is shown the same data as in the last one. That means <BR>claerly , the treeview is not updated.<BR><BR>How can I solve this problem?<BR><BR>Thank you very much and I hope I could descripe my problem. <BR>Vielen Dank!!<BR><BR>