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    Hi I have the following code below: email1, email2 etc are email1=request.form("fieldOne") variables<BR>PROBLEM: email is only been sent to the first email address<BR><BR>myMail.From=""<BR> myMail.To=email1&";"&email2&";"&email3&";"&email4& ";"&email5&";"&email6<BR> myMail.Subject="Hi"<BR> myMail.BodyFormat=0<BR> myMail.MailFormat=0<BR> myMail.Body=HTML<BR> myMail.Send<BR> set mymail=nothing <BR><BR>thanks in advance.

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    hmm, never tried it this way - maybe CDONTs doesn&#039;t like the concatenation.<BR>Try concatenating the addy list to a var and then the to using that var:<BR>dim strTo<BR>strTo=email1 & ";" & email2 & ";" & email3<BR>myMail.To=strTo

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