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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a text and two images (the etxt is in the database and the name and the path to the images are also in the database).<BR><BR>I want to display those two images inside the text (one right where the text begins and the second after sevral paragraphs below (but not at the end of the text).<BR><BR>With the first image all it&#039;s OK but the second gives me problems.<BR><BR>This is the code:<BR>-----------<BR>set rs_text=conn.execute("select foldername,text_link,File_1,File_2 from jv where id="& menu &"")<BR><BR>&#039; this is image 1<BR>&#060;img SRC="data1/images/&#060;%=rs_text("File_1")%&#062;" BORDER="1" hspace="7" vspace="7" align="left"&#062; <BR><BR>&#039; this is the text<BR>&#060;%=Replace(rs_text("text_link"), vbcrlf, "<BR>")%&#062;<BR><BR>&#039; this is the image 2<BR>&#060;img SRC="data1/images/&#060;%=rs_text("File_2")%&#062;" BORDER="1" hspace="7" vspace="7" align="right"&#062; <BR>-------------<BR><BR>The second image is displayed but it&#039;s not inside the text (as the first image) but somewhere below (the text doesn&#039;t flow around this image).<BR><BR>If I move the second image right beside the first image then both images are displayed inside the text but they are too close one to another.<BR><BR>Can anyone give me a solution of this problem (if any)?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mircea

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    You are using a "vbcrlf" break, so how can the second image flow around the image? Isn&#039;t it below the text?

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