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    If you have a database that displays to the Intranet, a file like: NYMEX.mdb. Is there a way to only read it and display the contents on the web even though it&#039s open exclusive? I always get errors because our NYMEX.mdb file is updating every 3 seconds. Thanks...

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    I think that you mean that the database is being opened exclusively by other users to enter data. Exclusive means that one user only can read the database at a time. It would be intended for the sysadmin to do maintenance while no one else can use it. Therefore I don&#039t think it is possible to even have read access while it is open in this mode. If the web server tries to read it, it fails. I don&#039t see why it would be setup this way. <BR><BR>You should open the database with access. Use the menu to bring up the options (Tools/Options). Go to the advanced tab and set the Default Open Mode to shared. Press Ok, and close the database. Then you should see if two different users can access it at the same time. If they can you should be right. The only other thing is if you have Security setup, then you need to make sure that the user, who is used to access the db from the web server, has adequate permission.

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