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    Okay, here&#039s a wierd (but very very useful) situation:<BR><BR>I have a calendar (big ol&#039 HTML table). Some people want to see meetings, some people want to see events, some people want to see vacation time. These are all stored in a database and called up by date depending on view. That&#039s easy.<BR><BR>Question: if I compile the calendar as a component, is there any way for me to use something like an "Eval" or an "Execute" to allow expandibility of use in the calendar?<BR><BR>Example: Another developer comes along and scripts Catering info retrival and formatting; can I let them tell my component to call their script by passing a string to "Eval" or "Execute"? (No component recompile/rebuild required.)<BR><BR>Just thinking that *that* would make components really cool...

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    Hmmm... not easily. This sounds like a job for C++ or a DBA type guru. <BR><BR>1) C++: You could pass a class pointer around, and then the people who make the catering stuff would have a derived class and override certain functions.<BR><BR>2) DBA: Store queries, formatting, validation rules, etc. all inside of tables inside the db for extensibility.<BR><BR>You might be able to build "scriptability" into your component too.. I don&#039t know how that works but there is info on that somewhere in the msdn scripting site (

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    Sounds, to me, like a perfect job for XML.<BR><BR>Build a component that takes its instructions from an XML doc - if the component is built in a generic fashion, you can change the component&#039s behavior by updating the XML file (no component recompile). I&#039m working on some similar tools right now.<BR><BR>Kurt

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