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    I have a form posted on a web site. The data is saved to Access and emailed to two recipients. They have received 60 emails but there are only 52 entries in Access. The numbering is even off. The ID column will have 40, 41, 42, 49. I have no idea where 43, 44, 45 and so on went. What causes this to happen? Is it with the database? Server?

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    This is too vague of an issue to give an accurate answer. What you need to do is some serious debugging.<BR>Here&#039;s how I would do it:<BR>1. Send 10 emails. 5 of the type that are good and 5 that aren&#039;t in the db. Copy/paste the contents if possible.<BR>2. Are you using OnErrorResume next? Take it out for the testing.<BR>3. response.write the access insert statement so you can see exactly what&#039;s being inserted and when.<BR><BR>You need to track the email & record creation from start to finish.

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