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    I have a decent-sized program I wrote in VBScript. It&#039;s about 2000 lines of code in 5 different scripts. It&#039;s been working fine every day for about 2 months and I just started getting this error:<BR><BR>429 ActiveX component can&#039;t create object: &#039;ACTOLE.APPOBJECT&#039;<BR><BR><BR>the object it&#039;s trying to create is for the Act! Contact management software. <BR><BR>The software is installed and I re registered it&#039;s DLLs and I&#039;m still getting the same error. <BR><BR>Any good ideas?

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    I found this but not sure it can help :)<BR><BR><BR>Other then that :( it can be anything lol!<BR><BR>Make sure the services are stopped when re register the dll&#039;s<BR>Is your dll make use of the rdo by any chance ?

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