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Thread: Get rid of scrollbar in IE6

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    I have an asp application that wants to display a web page on <BR>a 1240x768 monitor with no toolbars, title bar, or scroll <BR>bars. I&#039;m using the full screen option in IE6 (F11) and <BR>auto-hiding the toolbar and made sure my web content takes <BR>up less than 1240x768 pixels. <BR><BR>Everything works fine except I&#039;m stuck with the right <BR>vertical scrollbar on my display. It doesn&#039;t do anything, <BR>there is no slider to drag up or;s like an empty <BR>sliderless scrollbar that I can&#039;t get rid of.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried opening a window from javascript with no <BR>scrollbars (which does solve the scrollbar problem) but I <BR>end up with a title bar that I can&#039;t figure out how to get <BR>rid of.<BR><BR>What I want is just the contents of the browser window <BR>displayed on the monitor with no title bars, menus, or <BR>scrollbars.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated<BR>.<BR><BR>

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    Default put it in a frame

    and make that frame show no scrollbars.<BR>~~Chaotix

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