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    Hi<BR><BR>Need some quick response on this matter... thanks<BR><BR>I want to know how to do this in ASP.NET<BR>-------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>in ASP this is the code:<BR><BR>let&#039;s say i have a dll file registered in system as myObject.Class1<BR><BR>ASP Code:<BR><BR>&#062;-- Start Code<BR><BR>Dim myObject<BR>Set myObject = Server.CreateObject("myObject.Class1")<BR><BR>myVa r = myObject.readData(&#039;var1&#039;,int1)<BR><BR>re sponse.write myVar<BR><BR>Set myObject = Nothing<BR><BR>--&#060; End Code

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    It is the same, except you need to remove "Set":<BR>myObject = Server.CreateObject("myObject.Class1")<BR>

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