Here is what I am trying to do with OWC. <BR><BR>I am creating an Excel spreadsheet from SQL 2000 using ASP. Then saving it locally to the server using a specific directory with write permission on it. I will display the link on the page after it has been created. I then save the location as an entry in SQL to access later, based on the properties.<BR><BR>I was able to do this with OWC9, but I need to have more than one sheet with it, which is what OWC10 has. I have been trying to save it using the following code:<BR><BR>strFilePath = "c:webTransportation
es-proImpactsImpactRequested\" <BR>strFileName = Request.Form("CarrierSCAC") & "-" & Request.Form("Mode") & "-" & Replace(formatdatetime(date(),2),"/","-") & ".xls" <BR>objRateWorkSheet.ActiveSheet.Export "strFilePath & strFileName"<BR><BR>This code worked for OWC9, but now the file does not save to the directory. What can be done to get it to save?