Passing listbox selections?

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Thread: Passing listbox selections?

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    Barry Guest

    Default Passing listbox selections?

    How do I pass from one page to another & access the values of the selected items from a multiple-select list box?

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    krishna Guest

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    use request.form("listbox") on the next page wherein you want the data.<BR>and use split function to separate the values.<BR>assuming you have selected 1,3,7 in multiselect list box and you&#039ll get 1,3,7 when you use request object as I said above.<BR>Use split function to display it separately or store in variables.<BR>searchchar=","<BR>1=textcomparison<B R>a=split(request.form("listbox"),searchchar,1)<BR >response.write a(0)<BR>response.write a(1)<BR>this will segregate the values and you can store each one in a separate variables if you want.<BR>I think this answers your question.

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