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Thread: Adding font tags within a dropdown box

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    Default Adding font tags within a dropdown box

    I have a dropdown box that is being dynamically populated from a Querry:<BR><BR>&#060;option value="&#060;%=rsTrack("MembID")%&#062;"&#062;&#06 0;%=rsTrack("Lname")%&#062;&nbsp;&#060;%=rsTrack(" Fname")%&#062;&nbsp;&#060;%=rsTrack("Accessed")%&# 062;&#060;/option&#062;<BR><BR>What I want to do is to make &#060;%=rsTrack("Accessed")%&#062; the color red within the dropdown. Is there anyway that I can do this.<BR>

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    Default Just the <%=rsTrack("Accessed")%> portio

    Just the &#060;%=rsTrack("Accessed")%&#062; portion???<BR><BR>I seriously doubt it. You can apply styles to the select tag itself, but not to discrete portion of an option tag. <BR><BR>Have you considered not using a select?? Maybe define a iframe with a visable border, inside this, put a html table and a javascript array of values. Each row within the table could have a style that would change the background color of the row if a use triggered a mousedown on that row and then read the appropriate value from the array and pass it back to the parent.<BR>

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