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    Hi,<BR><BR>OK, so I&#039;ve built and tested my first ASP.NET application and now I want to deploy it. This is going to involve moving it from an ASP.NET enabled development server onto a Win2000 web server without the ASP framework installed.<BR><BR>The question is thus twofold:<BR>a) which files from the project do I need to move to the new server to make it work (is it really *all* of them?)<BR>b) What framework files need to be installed on the new server to allow it to run aspx files

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    a) If you are using visual studio with codebehind pages you would need just the aspx files and the compiled dll in the /bin directory. You would also need your web.config file. Of course you would also include any html or image files. I don&#039;t really know what&#039;s in your project so I couldn&#039;t say beyond that.<BR><BR>

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