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    Is it too resource consuming if I use a text file to organize my navigation TREE links?<BR><BR>Would it be better if I use a database instead?<BR><BR>My main goal is to make future updates as easy as possible for others who will add and delete categories often. But I am not sure if it is idiotic if a database is open everytime when a page is loaded.

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    Default Don't do either one...

    ...or, actually, do whichever you prefer.<BR><BR>*BUT* <BR><BR>But the real secret is to *preload* all that info, whether from text file or from DB, into one or more Application variables!<BR><BR>You can set up the app variables at Application_onStart in global.asa (but you don&#039;t have to, if that matters to you).<BR><BR>And, if you ever make any changes to the text file or db, then the code that changes the file/db can *also* execute the same code that Application_onStart did to build the app variable(s).<BR><BR>Having the info in app variables is *TONS* faster than either DB or text file.<BR><BR>This is a good general solution for any system where (a) the info is universal to all users and (b) can only be changed by a limited number of people with admin privileges and (c) is only changed relatively rarely. [Definition of "rarely" depends on site. But once an hour would certainly be rare enough.]

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