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    My hosting company uses IIS 5.0 I developed a custom error page that is displayed when an error occurs with one of my asp pages.<BR><BR>I just upgraded to Internet Explorer 6 and I noticed the custom page doesn&#039;t display appropriately. Instead I get a "Page Cannot be displayed" error. It worked fine with earlier versions of IE.<BR><BR>Any ideas as to why this is happening?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    You might have something shutoff in your IE properties like javascript or any of the scripting properties.

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    Default Browser setting...

    Click on "TOOLS" menu.<BR>Click on "INTERNET OPTIONS" menu item.<BR>Click on "ADVANCED" tab.<BR>Scroll down and find the check box labelled "Show friendly HTTP error messages"<BR>*UNCHECK* that box.<BR>Hit OK.<BR>Close your browser (all windows).<BR>Open a new browser.<BR>Go get the error message you wanted to see.<BR><BR>

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