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    Goodnight Bill, yesterday I posted a question regarding paging articles that are very and you provided the following solution:<BR> &#060;% <BR>txt = strText<BR>chopat = InStrRev( txt, vbLF, 10000) &#039; chop at paragraph prior to 10K characters <BR>smallerTxt = Left( txt, chopat ) <BR>restofTxt = Mid( txt, chopat+1 ) <BR>%&#062; <BR><BR>I&#039;ve never worked with InStrRev would paging work with this? since I don&#039;t have any recorsets to page etc? how does the user view the remainder of the article and what&#039;s VbLF? do I place that in the articles? Many thanks.

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    Default And I posted a follow up...

    ...when you asked about how to page this stuff.<BR><BR>Read that first.<BR><BR>To find out about InStrRev:<BR>(1) Click on "VBScript Reference" in the left panel of this page.<BR>(2) Click on "Functions" in the list of topics that appears.<BR>(3) Click on "InStrRev" in the list of functions.<BR>(4) Read.<BR><BR>vbLF is the "Line Feed" character that appears between every line of text in a text file.<BR><BR>If the user was using word wrap, then you get lucky and the vbLF appears only between paragraphs. <BR><BR>

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