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    hi <BR>I am using the cdonts mailer components to send mails in my porject.<BR>Is it possible to get a retturn receipt for the mails we send.<BR>Some this like the user read the mail at X time this...<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    I&#039;m pretty sure it doesn&#039;t handle things like that. The component sends the email and then thats the end of the process as far as CDONTS is concerned, there isn&#039;t any followup. I think receipts are client dependent anyway. The recipient would need to be using software that supports receipts, eg Outlook.

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    Default Yes but unreliable

    From Microsoft:<BR>Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail")<BR>objMail.Value("R eply-To") = ""<BR>From:<BR><BR><BR>Like MattC said, the Email client must support return receipt and have it turned on to send them.<BR>

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