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    I have just crossed over to BT Connect who now host my web site. Although the site is working fine, one page is written in ASP (its a form for our clients to fill out and then gets emailed back to us for action). The form does not work and on asking was told that BT does not support ASP. Can anyone tell me how I could convert this page or what kind of form BT does support and how I can get our site changed. I am the Director of the company but not too clever with web site queries!

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    What DOES BT support? This should be listed in the technical details of their hosting contract with you.<BR><BR>You need to see what scripting languages they support (ASP/PHP/Perl/ColdFusion), and then you need to convert that ASP file across to a language they support...<BR><BR>That&#039;s about all I can tell you!<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default As an aside, if you are the

    the Director of the company, can&#039;t you delegate this to one of your technical staff. ; )

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