I am trying to get my bounce backs (non-delivery reports) to go to a certain email address. There is a property in IIS to set an email address for a copy of the bounceback to go to. It doesn't stop the bounceback itself going to the sender's (or reply-to) email address. Also, this only accounts for the bouncebacks where the domain doesn't exist. If the domain DOES exist, then there still seems to be no way of setting the bounceback address. I know using Persits ASPEmail this can easily be done using the MailFrom property and it works great. When you set the MailFrom property it adds a "Return-Path" header to the email, and mail servers use the Return-Path header to send the non-delivery emails to. HOWEVER, if I set the Return-Path header using CDONTS (objCDONTS.Value("Return-Path") = strSomeEmailAddress) the mail servers IGNORE this, even though it's there, I've looked. The reason I am not using ASPEmail is it keeps causing Out of Memory errors after several usages requiring a server restart. Can you shed any light on CDONTS and the Return-Path header?