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    Dear All, <BR><BR> I used to develop my web application in asp with ms sql server, but recently, we just changed to use with mysql. i found that most existing code cannot directly to be converted, and now the first problem i am facing is the paging problem.<BR><BR>rs.cursorlocation=aduseclient<BR>r s.cachesize=iPageSize<BR>rs.PageSize=iPageSize<BR> strSQL<BR>rs.PageCount &#039;this syntax does not working<BR><BR>can anyone give me example of how to do paging using asp with mysql?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Frankie<BR>

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    might sound stupid<BR><BR>but you cant use this link:<BR><BR><BR>despite the fact that they&#039;re not explicitely talking about MySQL that wouldnt be to hard to change

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