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    Hello,<BR><BR>Does anyone know the syntax for multiple inner join statements...<BR><BR>I am lost...<BR><BR>I have the following code...<BR><BR>select ordrbook.orderno, ordrbook.escrowno, ordrbook.dfiled, ordrbook.citycd, ob2hdr.ob2sel, ob2hdr.ob2legal, ob2territory.cityname, party.street,, party.state,, party.taxid, escrow.settlementagent, escrow.seller,, settlementagent.street,, settlementagent.state,<BR>from ordrbook <BR>inner join ob2hdr on ordrbook.orderno = ob2hdr.orderno<BR>inner join ob2territory on ordrbook.citycd = ob2territory.cityname<BR>inner join party on ordrbook.orderno = party.orderno<BR>inner join escrow on ordrbook.escrowno = escrow.escrowno<BR>inner join settlementagent on escrow.settlementagent =<BR>where ordrbook.escrowno like &#039;02-%&#039; and ordrbook.dfiled &#062;=&#039;1/1/2002&#039; and ordrbook.dfiled &#060;=&#039;12/31/2002&#039; and escrow.seller &#060;&#062; &#039;Refinance&#039; and party.partytype = &#039;S1&#039;<BR><BR>I am hoping that I am missing something simple.<BR><BR>Josh

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    Default Are you sure you want all

    "inner" joins here? In other words, do you still want a record returned if a record does NOT exist in ANY of the tables you are joining?<BR><BR>If yes, then you might want to look at doing a different join like a LEFT OUTER JOIN.<BR><BR>Anyways I&#039;m unclear exactly what you are trying to return for results.

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