I&#039;m writing (or trying to write) a function that will search an XML file, and replace the String value of an Element with something else.<BR><BR>This is what I have so far:<BR>&#060;--- Code<BR> Dim SumDoc As System.Xml.XmlDocument<BR> SumDoc = New System.Xml.XmlDocument()<BR> Dim SumRead As System.Xml.XmlReader<BR> SumDoc.Load(Server.MapPath(filename))<BR> Dim XmlStream As System.IO.MemoryStream<BR> XmlStream = New System.IO.MemoryStream(1024)<BR> Dim XMLWrite As System.Xml.XmlTextWriter<BR> Dim SumElement As System.Xml.XmlElement<BR> SumElement = SumDoc.DocumentElement<BR> Dim XmlNodes As System.Xml.XmlNodeList<BR> XmlNodes = SumElement.SelectNodes("//Width")<BR> Dim Bob As System.Xml.XmlNode<BR> XMLWrite = New System.Xml.XmlTextWriter(XmlStream, System.Text.Encoding.Default)<BR> For Each Bob In XmlNodes<BR> Bob.Value = "103"<BR> Next<BR> SumDoc.WriteTo(XMLWrite)<BR> XMLWrite.Flush()<BR> XmlStream.Position = 0<BR><BR>---&#062;<BR><BR>Of course, it&#039;s not working at all...<BR>am I missing something?<BR>Help... anyone?<BR><BR>Travis