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    Dear Friends, <BR>I am planning to take up 70-152 exam and I got this question, I couldn&#039;t find the right answer, please let me know what can be the best possible answers...<BR>. You want to use data from mainframe application on your new web site. Data on mainframe updated periodically throughout the week. Which features should you consider in deciding how to access the data? (Choose two)<BR><BR>a) Type of access needed to the mainframe db (such as read only or read/write)<BR><BR>b) Size of mainframe db<BR><BR>c) Existence of ODBC driver for the mainframe db <BR><BR>d) Number of columns in each row in db <BR><BR>e) Number of rows in db<BR><BR>I am not sure whether it is A and B or A and C, thanks for any help

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    my answer would be A or C - without an ODBC driver data&#039;s not going anywhere

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