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    So lets see what I&#039;ve tried so far:<BR><BR>- ran aspnet_regiis -i<BR>- reinstalled the .Net framework (1.1)<BR>- modified machine.config to use the SYSTEM account<BR>- ran iisreset<BR>- installed IIS prior to installing Visual Studio<BR>- checked that my user account is a member of local admins and Debugger Users<BR><BR>and STILL I cannot get past the "Unable to start debugging on the web server" error message for my VB ASP.NET project. <BR><BR>I&#039;m at the end of my rope. I&#039;ve performed at least 10 total installs of VS.Net and not ONE has gone smoothly upon first use. The KB information on this is pathetic and unacceptable for the number of hits this came up with in Google Groups.<BR><BR>Specifics: XP Pro in a Domain with both VS6 and VS.NET installed, running Localhost.<BR><BR>Can ANYONE please help?

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    I have experienced this twice and solved it both times by:<BR>1. Deleting the .pdb and .dll files from the project<BR>2. reboot<BR>3. rebuild

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