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    Are there any good sources for integrating HTML with ASP.Net? Most of he examples I have seen look great on paper, don&#039;t provide many real-world applications.<BR><BR>Here is my problem.... I am trying to display blurbs from the most recent articles ont eh homepage. Do to the design, every blurb has to be it&#039;s own HTML table. The problem is that I have no idea how many articles I will be pulling from the database.... it is all data dependant. So I can&#039;t create a HTML Control for each table on the aspx page. How do I display all of these HTML tables?

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    Why can&#039;t you create a HTML control for each? Or, possibly more important, why would you want to create a HTML table control directly for each item?<BR><BR>You query the DB to get recent items, put into datareader / dataset / whatever, and setup a datarepeater with templates set to show each item. In the repeater template you specify how the items should appear.<BR><BR>O&#039;Cary

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