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    I am having problems updating a database using Radio Buttons. Here is an example of my code:<BR><BR>&#060;P ALIGN="center"&#062;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &#060;INPUT TYPE="radio" &#060;%=strDiscountMonthsFlag%&#062; VALUE="MON" NAME="radType"<BR> ONCLICK="radType_onClick" TABINDEX="2" CHECKED&#062;Months Free<BR><BR>There are 4 buttons, all named &#039radtype&#039. How do I indicate which button is selected?

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    Give different values to each radio button and let the name be same.

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    Hi <BR>You can refer to the radio button using javascript..<BR>[0].....<BR>hope it helps..<BR>Tracy

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    You have the same name. But different values. You could write like this.<BR>If request("radType") = "MON" then<BR> do something<BR>elseif request("rsdType") = "TUES" then<BR> do something<BR>elseif request9"rsType")= "WED"<BR> do something<BR>end if<BR>You can do this by using CASE also instead of If and elseif.

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