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    I am facing a problem of Virus File that uploaded from different Persons from Asp Pages .I am searching for some ASP Code to detect Virus File when uploading on server and refuse if any

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    Honestly it seems a bit redundant - the virus scan on your server will detect an infected file has been created (uploaded) and take the appropriate action (cleaning or deleting). You won&#039;t be able to scan the file until it&#039;s on your server.<BR>You&#039;d be better off tracking who uploads what & then finding a way to programatically read the virus scan logs to track the infected file back to the source user.<BR>If really want to do this, manually invove the virus scanner, you&#039;ll probably need to create a dll or WSH file that calls the scanner with paramaters. This may or may not be allowed by the scanning software license. There may be a component that does this on component list or try a google search

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