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    Hi, I have question about Indexes. I have read that creating indexes on columns that are searched alot can help fine tune one&#039;s database. I was wondering, when I create my index in sql server, do i need to modify my sql statements in ASP. Do I need to change my "sql select" statements to where it does not select the column name, but the index I created on that column, or does sql server 7 do this automatically.<BR><BR>Now my code has sql="select column_name from table". If I create a index for "column_name" and name it "column_index", do I need to change my query to say sql="select column_index from table". I know this may be a newbie question, but I could not resist.

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    this shouldn&#039;t be necessary. SQL Server is smart enough to use the index if that would gain performance.<BR><BR>Check the execution plan in Query Analyzer to see if the index is being used.<BR><BR>This said, what you asked *is* possible. You can give index hints in the from clause. But this is only for really experienced DBA&#039;s.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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