Does anyone know of a forum to look for help in ADO.Net? I am gradually trying to switch to .Net and this is my first time<BR>using it. <BR><BR>Just in case someone can help here is my problem. I have an access database with a table(serials) with 3 fields<BR>SerialNum, Model, SixDigits<BR><BR>I want to add a new record. here is the code I have<BR><BR>DsSerial1 is the name of the dataset<BR><BR><BR>Dim newSerialNum, model As String<BR>Dim newSerial As Integer <BR><BR>Dim drNew As System.Data.DataRow<BR>drNew = Me.DsSerial1.serials.NewRow<BR>drNew.Item("SerialN um") = newSerialNumber<BR>drNew.Item("Model") = model<BR>drNew.Item("SixDigits") = newSerial<BR>Me.DsSerial1.serials.Rows.Add(drNew)< BR>