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    I have as asp site that is divided into 2 frames.I have been asked ot place a clock in the corner of one page, whcih will display the time in <BR>hr:min:sec format.<BR>This page contains images. <BR>When the time changes, the page refreshes and calls the function to show the clock. This is fine, but it looks awful as the page takes a couple of seconds to load each time, and 1 frame is constantly being refreshed..<BR>Any suggestions on how to display the current time?<BR>Thanks

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    Default RE: You're using Javascript, right?

    I&#039;m guessing you&#039;re trying to get this effect using ASP, not a good idea because as you&#039;ve found out, you have to refresh the entire page.<BR><BR>With Javascript you can use a timeout to call the function and update the time without affecting the rest of your page.<BR><BR>If you need anymore help just ask.

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