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    Ok, I had to repost this because I can&#039;t find it or it got lost.<BR><BR>I am making a simple photo album just using FSO. I already know how to resize the photo with asp thanks to the faqs page. But what I am wanting to do is when the photo is being uploaded into a directory it will resize it and cut back on the pixels per inch. How? <BR><BR>The reason: Most people that will upload the photos will be from digital cameras. Most that I have worked with have file sizes of 700KB! That isn&#039;t very good for mass storage. Most people who will post the picture won&#039;t know how to cut back on the file size. So I wan&#039;t asp to resize proportional, reduce pixels per inch, and to save it on upload (so that way the huge file isn&#039;t there in the background). Is this possible? How? Will it need a DB because my webhosting doesn&#039;t have it available?<BR><BR>I wan&#039;t it to do what yahoo group&#039;s photo album does. It is for a nonprofit website so if anyone wants to help out on the coding the door is always open.<BR><BR>THanks <BR>Bryan

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    Default There is no way....

    To do this, reasonably, with VBscript. <BR><BR>You&#039;ll need to buy a component for it. One that you might want to check out it ASPImage, from

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