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    I know .Net is "supposed" to be browser compatible, however I&#039;m having a Netscape issue (Version 4.5). I have a link button that is supposed to simply make a panel visible. When I click the link, nothing happens in Netscape. I looked at the source, and in the html for the auto-generated hidden inputs for the postback there is a "/" just before the closing "&#062;". Also, the javascript function __doPostBack that gets generated is nowhere to be found in the html source. Of course, it works in IE. Any ideas?<BR><BR>Jenkins

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    Welcome to the Real World :) Unfortunately .NET is not completely compatible with Nutscrape 4. There are version conflicts as well but 4 is the worst.<BR><BR> has some great posts on this subject, just search on "Netscape compatibiltiy", etc.

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