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    Good morning world<BR><BR>...err<BR><BR><BR>Hello World!!<BR><BR>How are you all today?? A beautiful (and snowy) day is beginning, let us all pray that tomorrow will be as nice as today.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t try to understand my present state of mind, I&#039;m just happy today and wished to distribute that.<BR><BR>Eniac

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    Default not too bad here

    no sleep last night, but that&#039;s because i bought 2 new games, Resident Evil 0 for my gamecube and Europa 1400 (look this game up on Gamespot, it&#039;s incredibly addictive, and the requirements aren&#039;t all that demanding ... and played europa for 6 hours straight, til the wee hours of the morning. weather isn&#039;t too bad... no snow anyway<BR><BR>

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