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    I have an ASP page of folders, some open and some closed, depending on if the folder ID is in the querystring (e.g. "?open_folders=,123,33,77,") which is delimited by commas.<BR><BR>I want to move this info to a cookie, which will have to be written through javascript when clicking on the folder icon that also refreshes the page.<BR><BR>When the page loads, the asp part must read the same cookie to determine whether to display a "closed" or "open" folder icon.<BR><BR>How do I do this, since it appears that in javascript a cookie has no "name", it is written through "document.cookie=..." whereas in asp a cookie has a name, e.g. "response.cookies("DMOpenFolders")=..."<BR><BR >Can ASP & Javascript interact to use the same cookie?

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    There&#039;s an article on this on It was added fairly recently - it sticks in my mind.<BR><BR><BR>Here&#039;s a link:<BR><BR><BR>Craig.<BR>

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