i create a datatable pgmatically as given,i add one autoincrement column,one default value column.when i click &#039;add to cart&#039; button "datagrid_itemcommand" is fired.but it store only one record,when i click other &#039;add to card&#039; button in datagrid previous value lost and store new value.how can i solve this problem without Dataadapter&#039;s update method.code is below:<BR><BR>Public Sub DataGrid1_ItemCommand(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs ) Handles DataGrid1.ItemCommand<BR> Dim title, price<BR> DataGrid1.SelectedIndex = e.Item.ItemIndex<BR> title = DataGrid1.SelectedItem.Cells(2).Text<BR> price = DataGrid1.SelectedItem.Cells(3).Text<BR> Dim ds As DataSet<BR> Dim dad As Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter<BR> Dim objcom As Data.SqlClient.SqlCommandBuilder<BR> Dim tbl As DataTable<BR> Dim col As DataColumn<BR> Dim row As DataRow<BR> ds = New DataSet()<BR> tbl = New DataTable("cart")<BR> &#039;Add column<BR> col = New DataColumn("sr", GetType(Int32))<BR> col.AutoIncrement = True<BR> tbl.Columns.Add(col)<BR> col = New DataColumn("title", GetType(String))<BR> tbl.Columns.Add(col)<BR> col = New DataColumn("price", GetType(Decimal))<BR> tbl.Columns.Add(col)<BR> col = New DataColumn("qty", GetType(Int16))<BR> col.DefaultValue = 1<BR> tbl.Columns.Add(col)<BR> &#039;add rows<BR> row = tbl.NewRow<BR> row("title") = title<BR> row("price") = price<BR> tbl.Rows.Add(row)<BR><BR> ds.Tables.Add(tbl)<BR> DataGrid2.DataSource = ds<BR> DataGrid2.DataBind()<BR>end sub