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    Universe follows a path whatever we do on this, we all must see the light, no matter how fast or slow we walk...<BR><BR>Pi, parallel universes, infinite are relative math concepts they follow a particular model if model evolutes they have no sense, so they aren`t absolute trues...<BR><BR>The only non excluding religion is Budahism...<BR><BR>We are on post industrial era, on 20 years will exists many millonaires P.C. companies, like see soap on the market...<BR><BR>To Ignore me: Is a good idea, to ignore the system is the Most fantastic IDEA like Nische, Sartre, John Nash could conceive, the system is a game, the game is the system, but the system forget the joy and happiness of many man, the systems excludes, inclusive no excluding man...

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    don&#039;t you ever get bored?<BR><BR>tell you what, next time you feel a little restless, grab a book on english grammar and a dictionary. Study, then come back and construct your sentences appropriately, from correctly spelled words.<BR><BR>btw it&#039;s Nietzsche, not Nische

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    Thank you for your hospitality and the viruses you send me (if you were), and sorry for my english, understand me I&#039;m not from the U.S.<BR><BR>Thank you!

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