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    I'm sure this is a common question, but I don't know where to find the answer. I have online application up and running, but I found a big hole is people could go to the directory, instead of, and read all of my file. I have index.asp and process.asp in my directory, people can go to the directory and click on process.asp, and it will automatically add a empty application to the database. How can I ignore this happened and what can I do to increase the security of my application (Or any sites that you recommend.)? Thanks for your time! Appreciated for any comments!!!

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    Default Who is hosting your site?

    If you are hosting it on your own machine, what operating system are you running? What web server?<BR><BR>Anyway, the solution is pretty simple. Somewhere in the controls for your site there will be a checkbox labeled "allow directory browsing". You want to turn that checkbox *OFF*.<BR><BR>It should be off by default, so you probably changed it at some point in time to make it easier for you to do developlment.<BR><BR>Of course, if you are hosted on somebody else&#039;s computer, then you&#039;ll have to ask them to turn off the directory browsing.<BR><BR>Poke around in the controls for your webserver if it&#039;s on your machine. If you can&#039;t find it--and if you are running IIS on XP or Win2000--then ask again and we can tell you specifically where it is.<BR><BR>(Well, even if you are using PWS on Win95, somebody here can probably tell you.)<BR><BR>

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