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Thread: Joining 3 diff tables

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    Default Joining 3 diff tables

    I have 3 tables<BR>TableA--A1,A2,A3<BR>TableB-B1,B1,B3<BR>TableC-C1,C2,A1,A2<BR><BR>Now I need to join Table Table A and B..When a user selects for each and every A1 fields I need to check distinct B1 field..<BR><BR>How to do so??<BR><BR>vals<BR>

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    Default HOW are they joined?

    I see that table C is related to table A via the A1 and A2 fields.<BR><BR>But I don&#039;t see any way that table B is related to either table A or table C. If there&#039;s no relationship, there&#039;s no join possible.<BR><BR>

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