I would like to rename fields in my Access database tables and queries to respect standard naming conventions and facilitate the integration of my database with ESRI GIS applications(ArcMap, in particular). <BR><BR>Unfortunately, my tables and queries have multiple dependents (not sure if that&#039;s the right term). Changing the field names in a table messes up my queries and reports -- I get prompted for parameter values, as expected. <BR><BR>The field names in question contain special characters (%, &#060;, &#062;). Some begin with numbers. I was really hoping that Name AutoCorrect would suffice to change my tables&#039; field names and update all the dependent queries and reports, but it doesn&#039;t seem to be working. My database appears to meet all the conditions that Microsoft stipulates for using Name AutoCorrect, so I don&#039;t know why.<BR><BR>Also, is there any sort of "track dependents" tool in Access, as there is in Excel, so I can find out the extent of the updating problem?<BR><BR>Whoever can help, many thanks for your time.<BR><BR>