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    Sharon B. Guest

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    Is there any way to delete only the CONTENTS of a SINGLE (Access) database FIELD in SQL/ASP as apposed to the entire row?<BR><BR>For example: When I type…<BR>&#060;%<BR>MySQL = "DELETE FieldName FROM MyTable WHERE CertainField = &#039 MyCondition &#039”<BR>%&#062;<BR>…will delete the entire row, and all I want is - to erase the contents of that particular field (“FieldName“ ).<BR>

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    Mr Swifty Guest

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    You could use the UPDATE keword instead of DELETE, eg.<BR><BR>UPDATE Table SET Field = Null WHERE Field = Whatever

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    Sahron B. Guest

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    yeah... but when I do that it inserts a "0" into the field as opposed to Null (or blank field)<BR><BR>see 2 postings above (a tougher question)<BR><BR>Sharon

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