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    I am trying to create a simple website(ASP) where a list of music titles is available from a SQL Server DataBase.<BR>So far I have it working with Artist Name, Release & Cost. However I wish to add a picture of the artist. <BR>My problem is how to retrieve the pictures from the SQL Server DB?<BR>Do I have to load pictures into Database?<BR>Do I need extra software/tools to do this?<BR>So far I have created a new column in my table called picture and set as type image<BR>e.g. alter table music<BR> add picture (image) null<BR>If I store the pictures in a folder,I presume the path to the image can be stored in the DB.<BR>e.g. Table Music<BR>Artist Name Release Cost Picture<BR>Madonna Say a Prayer 10 Euro ..imagesmadonna.jpeg<BR><BR>Is this the way? I have a little experience using ASP + SQL at college level.<BR>Help would be appeciated, or directions to a relevant tutorial!<BR>Thanks <BR>I also plan to have small music downloads available for each release, if any one can point me to helpful sites etc. Thanks! <BR>

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    You should store the path in the db.<BR><BR>But this question has been asked and answered lots of times. Maybe you could do a search?

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