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    ...prob a crap subject title but here goes.<BR>I have a link which (via JS) opens a child window. This child window has a list of links which denote dates. When the user clicks a link (again JS) the date value is passed to the parent window (opener) and the child window is auto-closed.<BR>Now B4 this occurs I&#039;d like to be able to pop off to the DB and count the number of instances where that date already exists.<BR>In other words select count(theDate) where the date = &#060;user choice&#062; if "count" is &#062;2 then a dialogue says sorry pick another else the date is passed to the parent window and the child closed. Did *any* of that make sense!!<BR>Not sure if a URL will help but:<BR><BR>Most notably the "Click for calendar" link.<BR><BR>Jay

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    Default ASPFAQs, category The Nature of Things<BR><BR>Only way you will do this is to have that popup window submit itself to an ASP page that does the query and returns with HTML (and JS) code that then passes (or not) the info to the parent window.<BR><BR>

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