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Thread: Using ASP to send a response via email

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    Default Using ASP to send a response via email

    I have a form that I want users to fill out and upon clicking submit, I would like an email sent to the user with the information they filled out and at the same time a second email sent to another party that can later respond to the email. I used to use the simple mailto:" but would rather you action="sendmail.asp". I would like the form formatted to each user and not name=joe, email=bob@, home=etc...<BR>Is this possible to do with ASP?<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default Hum...

    Just wondering....<BR><BR>Did you try to do it or do you prefer asking us to do it ??<BR><BR>I&#039;m in a good mood tonight so I&#039;ll say this :<BR><BR><BR><BR>Eniac

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    Default I think he did read ASPFAQs...

    ...because that&#039;s probably where he got the idea for "sendmail.asp" and the notion that all he can do is send stuff like<BR> Name=Joe<BR><BR><BR>GKG620:<BR><BR>You can put *ANYTHING YOU WANT* into email that you send via CDONTs. Including HTML. That, too, is noted in the ASPFAQs, so Eniac&#039;s advice to read them is good. But read *ALL* of them. Don&#039;t stop with the first one.<BR><BR><BR>

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