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    We have a situation where our head office users are all in the same NT domain and are accessing a web app. We use NT Authentication so that they do not have to manually log in. This works perfectly. The problem is we have a few other users who are not part of the domain but also need to access this application. Is there a way to prevent the NT UserID and Password screen from coming up when a non domain user tries to access the app and instead forward them on to our own login screen?<BR>

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    Default A few quick ideas

    Questions first:<BR>1. are the new people logged into any kind of domain?<BR>1a. if so then do the 2 domains trust each other?<BR><BR>Method 1: Presuming that 1&1a are TRUE then you can have them access the app with their credentials by modifying the NTFS permissions on the files or the folder where the APP is stored. Second is preferred, especially if the app is updated on a regular basis.<BR><BR>Method 2: If 1 or 1a are not TRUE then you can change the 401 (ACCESS DENIED) error page to point to the logon page. This means that the new ppl will get the logon box, click OK 3 times get denied access and auto sent to the logon page that you designed. This is not a solution more of a work around. <BR><BR>Method 1 is by FAR preferred.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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